Memoro - Systems

AmbitiousTapes CMXCVII: MC, digital release.
Released 2018-03-01

Ludvig Elblaus' Memoro project is an ongoing exploration of nostalgia and reminiscence. In Systems, the technical and emotional qualities of magnetic tape are in focus. Not the lush sounds of expensive studio tape decks, but rather the hissing spectres of the VHS and Compact Cassette tapes.

The translucent smokey two hour cassette Systems consists of Home System (Side A) and Spiral System (Side B). Each cassette comes with it's own unique artwork by the artist.

devv - fps

AmbitiousTapes CMXCVI: VHS, digital release (audio), digital release (A/V).
Released 2017-11-18

devv are:
Pär Lindblom - audio synthesis
Daniel M Karlsson - audio synthesis
Johanna Brandt - video synthesis

TMRW - Ångerland

AmbitiousTapes CMXCV: MC, digital release.
Released 2017-08-18

Through the windows of an old Volvo, memories scatter like garbage on every street corner. Dreams of infinite growth, motels and strip bars, hair vax and big cars, neon signs and atomic bombs. We cruise through towns made of burned out shops, broken down gas stations and gaping empty store windows. We used to believe in the future. Now we believe in the past.

TMRW started recording cassettes in the trunk of her volvo 940, using drum machines and an old Polysix synthesiser. Her music resembles broken trance, kitchen sink sci fi and nordic grease.

devv - vvv

AmbitiousTapes CMXCIV: MC, digital release.
Released 2016-03-23

devv are:
Pär Lindblom - audio synthesis
Daniel M Karlsson - audio synthesis
Johanna Brandt - video synthesis


AmbitiousTapes CMXCIII: MC, digital release.
Released 2015-10-17

TMRW spends her days in an old Volvo, driving in circles on desolate highways. Recording sessions on empty parking lots, drum machines a polysix synthesiser layered on neon casette tapes.

Chiharu Shimizu - Vessels

AmbitiousTapes CMXCII: MC, digital release.
Released 2015-06-10

Chiharu Shimizu is part of a subculture of more reduced rhythmical noise focusing on exploring a kind of ritual hypnosis by making small incremental variations on a limited material over extended periods of time.
Shimizu is an electronics engineer and a computer scientist. She achieves her unique sound largely by sequencing power starving and circuit-bending of analog drum machines, compressors, reverbs, filters and mixers by means of a computer running her custom software. She interacts with the software using an array of sensors that measures her heart rate and the conductivity of her skin. She also makes herself a part of the circuits themselves by placing her hands inside the machines to affect their timbre.